The explorer contains search to search the internet,  SEE Search which produces the search engine explorer results,  Previous  Searches which lists the previous searches and their respective results, Website visited which lists the previous websites and pages visited, Websites visited search which allows you to search for a previous website or page, Results which lists all the previous results from all search engines and Results search which allows you search within the search results.

     Also, the explorer contains Search engine pages to attach to a previous search engine page, Search engine pages search to search through the previous search engine pages, Search engines to add or modify a search engine and Setup that allows you to modify the output of Search Engine Explorer, rebuild the database and delete data.

Search engine explorer 4.1. The explorer. 







    The explorer allows you to search the internet using multiple search engines simultaneously whilst storing all the principal data as you search the internet. There are many way in which this data can be queried and thus eradicates the need to relocate information on the internet. 

    The ways in which you can retrieve this information are, either using the websites visited option, the websites visited search option, the results option, the results search option, the Search engine pages option, the Search engine pages search option or by using the search engine navigation tree in the search option.

     The navigation tree allows you to attach to a search  engine, revisit pages from a search engine, display and attach to previous results from a search engine, search a search engine, repeat a previous search on a search engine, change the status of a search engine and revisit previous websites found by a search engine




The Explorer


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Search Engine Pages Search

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