Q How do I add a new search engine?.

      A Firstly, you need to create a new search engine record. This is done by selecting the search engines tab in the explorer and select the 'new' button. Enter the engine name followed by the engine web address. You will then need to retrieve the engine parameters from the search engine. This is done by attaching to the search engine using the 'search engines parameters retrieval browser'  Once attached, you then have to enter *SEE* in the search field and select the search button. The search engine will probably return no results but you only the parameters which are automatically returned to the parameters field upon the results page downloading.  

      You will then need to set the initial value which is the start value for the first page of results. This can usually be recognised by "start=". Once the initial value has been set you will then need to enter the increment value, this is used by the next and previous buttons for the search engines. The increment value is usually set to 10 or 1.  However, it can be set to 20 for results per page.

     Once all the fields in the new search engine record are correctly entered and you have copied and pasted the engine parameters you must finally select the save button on the toolbar. Your new search engine has now been added and is ready to use.

NB. Any new search engine that is added will only appear within your search results if the new search engine is set to active.

      Q How do I use the installed search engines?.

      A When you run a search the explorer will check for all the active search engines and it is only these active engines that will be attached to, searched and displayed. If you want to activate a new search engine; you should double click the status icon in the navigation tree, alternatively, select the Search Engines tab in the explorer. Then select the search engine you want to activate and move across to the Engine Active field and change the "N" to a "Y" followed by the save button on the toolbar.

      Q How do I delete a search engine?.

      A To delete a search engine select the search engines tab in the explorer and highlight the search engine that you want to delete. Select the delete button on the toolbar and the search engine will then be deleted.

      Q What licences do I need?.

      A You will need to buy a licence for each PC or network user that Search Engine Explorer is installed upon.






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