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      Search engine explorer also produces it's own results by taking the results from each search engine and amalgamating them into one results browser. The results browser can be used in the same way as you would if you were searching the internet with a single search engine with your usual web browser. All search engine explorer's browsers have the  standard features of a web browser.

Search engine explorer 4.1. The search engine explorer search. 






     The SEE search (search engine explorer search) results are generated at the point of search and can be used to complement the search results from the active search engines or they can be used  exclusively to replace searching with a search engine.  

     The number of results from each search engine has a default value of 10. However, this can be changed  (e.g. to 50 results) by using the search engines option to change the preferences for a search engine and store the new search engine parameters.

     The SEE search results are also stored by the explorer and so this enables the past SEE results to be restored. This is available from the 'restore previous results' section of the SEE results.




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